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A Landscape's Embedded History - Review of Beatrice Glow: When the Smoke Clears at the Baltimore Museum of Art, published in Dovetail Magazine, September 8, 2022

Tactile Journeys - Young Blood at MAP and Spark at The Peale 
published in BmoreArt, August 26, 2022

A Poet's Idea of a Dream published in BmoreArt, August 12, 2022

Birth and Death with Chaos in Between - Early Blossom/Perilous Thirds at Current Space, published in BmoreArt, April 29, 2022

Accumulate and Dissect: Solos at Arlington Art Center, published in BmoreArt June 1, 2022

Particular Placements and Fluid Structures at Liz Larner's show at the SculptureCenter, published in BmoreArt, March 16, 2022


Yellow Tree published by Flumes Vol. 4: Issue 1 - Summer 2019. The online literary journal can be assessed here

Lilac Jupiter, My Cosmic Lover published by Flumes Vol. 4: Issue 1 - Summer 2019. The online literary journal can be assessed here.

Anya-nyelv, mother-tongue published by Hobart Literary Magazine - June 2019. The poem can be read on Hobart's website here.  

Women Wanderers Fanni Somogyi Cover copy

Women Wanderers; Thresholds is a collection of poems and an essay. It was self published in 2019 and is available for purchase for $12. If you would like a copy please email me at


My short story "a disconnected multiplicity becoming whole again" was publish in Supra natural, an anthology of science fictions, poetry and art. Published by Perennial Press and edited by Madi Giovina and Tiffany Niles.

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