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Lilac Jupiter, My Cosmic Lover

The shutter is stuck                open

All I see are endless      moments

(telescope image up-close)

Of light kisses of fingertips,

And us meandering on

Cobble stones, as 

Smoke trickles up faintly

lit in the dark canals

I wait patiently for a kiss like a 


Waving its golden fins

Filtering the moment, and looking at 

Your barely visible features in the water-

reflected moon     shine. 

I lean in to touch your presence

Shoulder receives my cheeks

(rose tinted by the proximity)

Below the surface I sense uncertainty

turbulence                      timidity

We come face   to     face ...

The lilac Jupiter floods my vision - 

I am only orbiting            your           aura,

Like your other moons, Europa and   Io.

Later that night, after our bodies

Have        tangled

I'm stuck in the hole between two mattresses,

Content, but a bit uncomfortable:

Also an appropriate analogy for our romantic situation - 

Neither   together,         nor completely                     apart

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