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Day Dreaming for Another World 
Storefront Installation in Morganton, NC

day dreaming for another world 10.jpg

Beings are converging and emerging. Five critters: each partially gourd and partially insect wander in the sanded, mossy landscape. The female form, central to the scene, is becoming something ethereal as a new part of nature; her face is slowly overtaken by bursts of colorful blooms.


Inspired by science fiction and nature documentaries, I explore metamorphosis and how one might change after death as bodies are recycled back into the Earth.  The flowers are nurtured from nutrients of the body and I dream of a world where the connection of bodies to land is more tangible. If this connection was more palpable than one might take more care of Mother Nature. I also speculate about the possibility of different life forms, building widely different critters, parts of which may live among us. Cross-contamination is crucial in this reality, where different creatures are affecting and transforming one another. I ask you to suspend your disbelief and for a moment imagine another world.

nstallation viewable at 204 West Union Street, Morganton, NC. The project was organized by Abby Nelson, Main Street Manager of City of Morganton. Special thanks to Danny McCauley for fabrication and installation help, Doug Koschalk for letting me use his studio shop and Ed Leedy. 

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