Themes that often occur in my work are networking systems, modes of connection and acts of remembering. More specifically, inspired by the formal qualities of organic and inorganic networks I investigate how humans relate to nature and one another. A symbiotic relationship exists between mycelium, a fungi and tree roots. Within this web there is a mesmerizing amount of activity: nutrients and information rhythmically transferred between trees and different plant species. In a sense, mycelium is the biological internet. Humans are located in a more overarching network with these beings and relating to them emphatically is important in developing a more sustainable relationship.


Processes, such as metal fabrication and casting are integral to my work. These include welding, aluminum casting, mold making and image manipulation. I am drawn to metal specifically because of its malleability and durability.

Steel contrasts with the more organic materials, such as plants, included in my work, however, this juxtaposition is crucial in thinking about possible sustainable futures. Moreover, casting is a process of care and transformation, which are qualities that are also present in the environment. This act of care and labor is necessary for the nourishment of natural areas. 

Becoming Still is an example of a dystopian-looking object functioning as a memory box of earth. Speculative in its nature, it is constructed for a time where nature is no longer pristine and is not readily available. The sculpture is built from steel and holds an LCD screen with video footage of the Patapsco River’s smaller branches, and the surrounding trees. The landscape is calm and human less, which contrasts with the context of the hypothetical viewer, who is missing nature. At the top of the sculpture is a small planter box housing aromatic basil. The work offers a fragment of nature in the hopes of inducing the viewer to seek out more. Questions of our ever-evolving relationship with nature, and the role of technology in salvaging our environment continues to motivate my art.



2018 March

Functional Geometries, Pinkard Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art


2020 December

2020 June

2020 February

2020 February

2020 February

2020 February 

2018 December

2018 November

2018 September

2018 May

2017 September

2016 May

2015 November

2013 November

Post-Graduate Exhibition, Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA

TEXT/ile, Gallery 114, Portland, OR (online exhibition) 

Mapping the World, Enlighten Art Center, Rockville, MD

Merkin Dream, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

Reservoir, Intersect Art Center, St. Louis, MO 

Textures and Layers: A Walk in the Woods, View Gallery, Old Forge, NY 

Beloved Destroyer, Fox  4 Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art

Porous Aura, created with Annie Kwon & Daisy Braun, Main 0 Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art 

Thres(hold), curated by Pooneh Maghazehe, Middendorf Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art

Juried Undergraduate Sculpture Show, curated by Joan Watson, Middendorf Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art

Blind Miter, curated by Ken Martin, Middendorf Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art 

Sculpture I Final Exhibition, Palmer Gallery at Vassar College

FACE Exhibition, The Reef Los Angeles

Gallery Out of Home, Art Market Budapest

Public Art Project 




2017 July

2017 December

tree tentacles feeling in space: can you hear them talking?  sculpture installed at the Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer MN 

House of Ruth lobby installation, commissioned collaborative project completed in June. Baltimore, MD 

Pop Sheep, 18-24 life-size colorful sheep created for Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. Part of the Art of Freedom Contest. 

Pop Sheep, 12 life-size colorful sheep commissioned and created for Olala International Street Theater Festival in Lienz, Austria. 

Bench Design, Y Not Lot, Blatimore, MD

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