Bio & Statement

Fanni Somogyi was born in Hungary and is working and living in Baltimore, MD. After spending two years at Vassar College she transferred to the Maryland Institute College of Art. She will receive her BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture in May 2019. Somogyi creates geometric and figurative sculptures that explore themes of networking systems, modes of connection and acts of remembering.  She investigates how humans and technology have developed a symbiotic relationship, which results in the constant presence of smart devices in one’s life. She observes both digital and physical communication and its effects of one’s relationship with space and individuals. Processes such as metal and digital fabrication, and image projections are integral to her work. These include welding, aluminum casting, laser cutting and image manipulation.


Among her recent collaboration created with Annie Kwon and Daisy Braun is Porous Aura, an installation 

of video projection and two-hour performance that explores the fluid nature of memory. The projections facing each other produce a layered image on the five fabric screens immersing the space. Actions of fragmentation, such as the metaphorical boundaries that are present in this performance are also present in her larger body of work.


The singular objects she builds also reference the network. The sense of ubiquity that is developed through Internet interactions is empowering, but also misleading. This feeling is present in Networked Placelessness, an aluminum cast of a sleeping head. The sculpture references how the disembodied experience of meandering digitally is similar to dreaming. The sprue system, an integral part of its fabrication, is recreated with steel to allude to the underlying network that facilitates the interactions. The embedded organic and inorganic networks existent within the techno-human relationships continues to motivate her art.



2018 March

Functional Geometries, Pinkard Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art


2019 May

2018 December

Colocated Current, Mt. Royal Station at Maryland Institute College of Art

Beloved Destroyer, Fox  4 Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art

2018 November

Porous Aura, created with Annie Kwon & Daisy Braun, Main 0 Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art 

2018 September

Thres(hold), curated by Pooneh Maghazehe, Middendorf Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art

2018 May

Juried Undergraduate Sculpture Show, curated by Joan Watson, Middendorf Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art

2017 September

Blind Miter, curated by Ken Martin, Middendorf Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art 

2016 May

2015 November

2013 November

Sculpture I Final Exhibition, Palmer Gallery at Vassar College

FACE Exhibition, The Reef Los Angeles

Gallery Out of Home, Art Market Budapest

Public Art Project 


House of Ruth lobby installation, commissioned collaborative project completed in June. Baltimore, MD 


Pop Sheep, 18-24 life-size colorful sheep created for Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. Part of the Art of Freedom Contest. 

2017 July

Pop Sheep, 12 life-size colorful sheep commissioned and created for Olala International Street Theater Festival in Lienz, Austria. 

2017 December

Bench Design, Y Not Lot, Blatimore, MD

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