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Porous Aura

Porous Aura grew out of my explorations in Disconnected/Digital, with a focus on memory and technology. It is both the title of this section and of a recent collaborative installation and performance. I’m interested in the relationship between memory and image, especially the family photograph, which has a relationship to both personal history and one’s context within the world. 

Porous Aura 2018

A collaborative installation and performance created with Annie Kwon and Daisy Braun. The works consists of a video projection onto five fabric panels, and a two hour performance, where the figures walk through the panels and wander throughout the building that the exhibition took place in. The video projections face each other and create a layered image, hence hinting at the fluid nature of memory. 

Exhibited in Main O Gallery, MICA, Baltimore

A short clip of the performance is coming soon. 

Post-Produced  2018

Steel, plexi-glass, vellum, LED light strip, pine wood, cement bricks, extension cord

Sensory Static, 2018

Plexi-glass, mounting board, vellum, metal rings

Archive/Accumulate, 2018

Video installation (2:13 minutes)

Steel, mirror, silk organza and family photographs from 2002

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