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Becoming Still is a series of work that was created while in residence at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. My work was and is inspired by nature. Walks near the Patapsco River were crucial for my art during this residency. Processes, such as metal fabrication and casting are however also  integral to my work. All the works presented here have some element of metal or synthetic materials within them. These materials contrast with the more organic elements included, such as basil. This juxtaposition is crucial in thinking about possible sustainable futures.


Becoming Still is also the title of a singular dystopian-looking object. It functions as a memory box of earth. Speculative in its nature, it is constructed for a time where nature is no longer pristine and is not readily available. The sculpture is built from steel and holds a screen with video of the Patapsco River’s smaller branches, and the surrounding trees. The landscape is calm and human less, which contrasts with the context of the hypothetical viewer, who is missing nature.


Similarly, transplanting home elsewhere, is a memory box. During one particular walk I collected moss and wrote a poem about the experience and how moss is part of a home that we have left. The forest is a place of respite, yet we have become increasingly disconnected from it. Touch can remedy this fragmentation because it is a form of intimacy. The works offer a fragment of a landscape in the hopes of inducing the viewer to seek out more. 

To see more work from this series click here. 

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