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Functional Geometries

Functional Geometries is an ongoing investigation into the psychology of space by creating interactive sculptures and by probing the boundaries of art and design. Questions such as “when does a work of art become decorative?” and “when do functional objects become works of art?” engage my inquiry while I build my structures. 

Semi-Functional Storage Design, 2017

Steel sheet, steel tube, faux velvet

Layered Translucency, 2017 

Screen printing on china silk and silk organza

Anxiety Pod, 2017

A sculptural bed that serves to both reduce and amplify anxiety. 

Steel, round bar, hand died and hand madecotton and polyester

Subjective Interior, 2017

Bent plywood, red oak, hand dyed silk organza

Before You, 2016

Poplar, walnut, round bar

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