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Disconnected/Digital is an ongoing investigation into the effects of technology and globalization on our lives. I'm particularly drawn to topics of communication (and lack of) in relation to how the social fabric is disintegrating. Thus, to counter this growing issue and to come to understand the effects of technology on daily life, I explore ideas of: building community through food, digital communication and the effect of distance, identities within in space (both cyber and real), and the effect on our daily experiences of the tumult of images and sounds that we receive daily.  

Networked Placelessness I and II 2019

Cast aluminum and bronze 

Head Space  2018

Steel and transparent blue plexi-glass, hanging wire

Superorganism 2018

1/4" steel round bar

Disconnected Multiplicity, 2018 

Home made cheese crackers, letterpress printed napkins from handset type, white plastic table clothes, two plastic grey plates

Together/ Apart II, 2018 

4 phones cast from plastic, plaster and wax, steel, poplar, 50 ft phone wire, phone cord, speaker